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Testo Max is part of our anabolic line of products and is designed to safely and naturally increase testosterone levels. The special formula is perfect for bodybuilders looking to clean bulk, or cut while maintaining muscle. Athletes also enjoy our Testosterone supplement as it enhances strength, stamina and minimizes recovery time.

In addition to boosting testosterone, Testo Max works by increasing nitrogen retention which helps users to remain anabolic, while improving protein synthesis. Bonus side effects include a boost in sex drive, a decrease in stress and better drive/focus. Results are prevalent in as little as 2 weeks. All our products can be shipped worldwide.


Each bottle contains 90 tablets. For best results, take 3 tablets 20 minutes before breakfast with a glass of water. It’s recommended to cycle this product for 8 weeks on, 1.5 weeks off.

"After years of using gear and with strict rules governing competitions, I decided to go natural - if you could call Testo Max that. It's safer than normal steroids and still helps me achieve my goals. I feel much healthier for it and in my opinion, look better too."
Joshua Hutchins
- Fitness Trainer & Bodybuilding Competitor

The History of Synthetic Testosterone

Testosterone is a predominantly male hormone that is responsible for things such as growth, energy, sexual development, reproduction, and other important processes. Today, you can buy testosterone in several different and unique synthetic variations.

The Discovery of Testosterone

Today’s testosterone for sale got its start back in the late 1700s when researchers discovered that testicular transplants into capons, or castrated roosters, greatly improved the roosters’ muscle mass and overall growth. Later, between 1804 and 1861, Arnold Adolph Burthold and his team successfully linked testicular action to what were later termed androgenic hormones. Edward Starling coined the term “hormone” back in 1905, and although the first transplantation of animal testes into men occurred in 1920, it was unsuccessful. The term “testosterone” came about in 1935 after a researcher named Ernest Laqueur isolated the hormone from bull testes.

The First Synthetic Version

Because animal hormones proved ineffective for humans, and because taking testosterone from the testicles of men was (and still would be) an arduous, painful task, researchers set about finding a way to create a synthetic hormone that would benefit people. The first success story was that of Aldolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka, two researchers from a pharmaceutical company known as Schering, who created a synthetic version of the hormone just a few months after Laqueur’s discovery. A week later, another pharmaceutical company known as Ciba also published their successful synthesis of testosterone. You can still buy testosterone in the very same forms today from various sources.

Prescribing Testosterone for Medical Purposes

Doctors began prescribing hormone replacement therapy in the form of testosterone for men not long after these men first synthesized it in laboratories. However, because the science and research on exactly how testosterone worked was limited, many were reluctant to prescribe it. In 1944, Paul de Kruif penned “The Male Hormone”, which was packed with research and findings – including the fact that many older men suffer from hypogonadism, a condition in which their testicles no longer produce adequate amounts of testosterone. From that point forward, pharmacies in Europe, and later in the US and Canada, began stocking synthetic testosterone as more and more doctors prescribed it to men.

Testosterone in the Athletic Community

The first known use of testosterone among athletes occurred during the 1940s in the Soviet Union. During that time, coaches injected their athletes with testosterone, and their performance skyrocketed.

Buy TestosteroneWhat’s more, this observation led to the development and manufacture of many of the popular anabolic steroids available today, including the ever-popular Dianabol. Over the next two decades, dozens of synthesized forms of testosterone hit the market, including testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate, and later, testosterone undecanoate, which was the only oral form of testosterone available at the time. Athletes loved them all, and used them with zeal.

A Change in Legal Status

International groups banned testosterone and steroids from Olympic competitions in the 1960s, and numerous athletes worldwide lost their privilege to compete when they tested positive. Testosterone (and all other anabolic steroids, for that matter) was still legal in the United States up until 1980. When Ronald Regan became president in that year, he helped establish several laws that made it illegal to buy, sell, or even possess testosterone and other compounds without a prescription. Although this made it difficult for athletes to find the hormones they wanted during those years, you can still buy testosterone for sale around the world thanks to the persistence of groups of athletes who make it available.

Today, athletes still buy testosterone in its various synthetic forms. For many, long-estered steroids like testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate act as the bases of their steroid cycles due to their long half-lives and ability to help boost energy. Short-estered testosterone, such as testosterone propionate, gives users an immediate rush of energy, making it the most popular synthetic hormone in the world today.

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