Testosterone Benefits for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Testosterone Benefits for Bodybuilders and AthletesAlthough there is no denying testosterone benefits when it comes to treating true cases of low testosterone, many people wonder whether athletes and bodybuilders should use it to enhance their performance. As long as people use it responsibly, at the right doses, and for the right length of time, the benefits are truly unmistakable. Whether you need more energy to get through your workout routine or you just want to feel better, testosterone is a great way to do it.

Rev Up Your Energy

Intensive workouts take their toll on you, both physically and mentally. Although a good pep talk can help with the mental aspect, you might need a little boost when it comes to boosting your muscular energy. This is one of the most important testosterone benefits for athletes, too. While testosterone undecanoate, cypionate, and enanthate do not act quickly and have long half-lives, they do offer stable energy throughout the cycle. Conversely, if you need a serious pick-me-up before a workout, then testosterone propionate may be your best bet. It acts quickly and has a short half-life, allowing you to inject every other day (or daily at lower doses, if you prefer).

Build Solid Muscle

One of the best testosterone benefits for athletes is the hormone’s ability to help build lean, solid muscle. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, and these proteins need all kinds of components in order to do their various duties as they pertain to building that muscle. Certain proteins called albumin and globulin carry the testosterone directly to the muscles, where it helps to bind and repair the fibers that tear during intense workouts. As the testosterone does its job and adds newer, stronger fibers, the muscles grow larger, harder, and more noticeable over time. Although this process occurs without testosterone support, supplementing simply speeds things up.

Feel Like a Kid Again

If you are like most men, you can easily remember your late teens, particularly as it relates to your level of energy and your libido. As men age, these things tend to fade as natural testosterone production slows down significantly. By age 30, you may already be noticing a significant difference. By age 40, nearly 70% of men experience fatigue, mood swings, and loss of libido due to nothing more than a lack of testosterone. By supplementing at any age, you can help improve not only your sex drive, but also the amount of energy and confidence you carry throughout the day. This makes your workouts more productive and gives you the incentive you need to push yourself to the limit.

The testosterone benefits are many, and almost anyone can experience the rush of energy associated with supplementing. However, be sure to understand the maximum recommended doses and cycle lengths, and if you have any kind of preexisting medical condition, research the benefits and risks associated with testosterone supplementation before you begin. This way, you will understand what to expect and how to handle any side effects that may arise.