What are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

Signs of Low TestosteroneMany men all over the world experience a condition called low testosterone, or simply low T. Although 70% of men over the age of 40 will experience the following signs of low testosterone, only 30% of them seek any kind of treatment for it – medically or otherwise. By understanding the signs and the actions you can take, you may be able to help yourself feel 20 years younger.

Fatigue and Lethargy

Of all of the signs of low testosterone, this one affects more men than any other. In fact, some researchers estimate that almost all men who have diminished hormone levels feel fatigue, but they often blame it on age, diet, or lifestyle. This fatigue ranges from mild to severe, and some men who feel extremely tired even slip into depression. Men who use testosterone supplements often notice a change within the first few days, and over time, they start to feel like themselves again.

Loss of Body Hair

Another symptom, although not quite as bothersome, is the loss of body hair. Men who display the signs of low testosterone often shave less often than those who do not, indicating the slowed growth of body hair. What’s more, the same processes that slow the growth of hair may also exacerbate pre-existing male pattern baldness, though the exact causes of this remain unknown.

Erectile Dysfunction

These days, when men go to their doctors because they have an inability to get or maintain an erection, they often receive the “little blue pill” to help them get back on track. Sadly, since the dawn of such convenience, physicians often fail to test men for the condition that is usually responsible for such maladies – low testosterone. Thus, rather than taking a pill that causes a host of side effects on its own, these men could just as simply improve their testosterone levels and reverse their erectile dysfunction.

Diminished Sex Drive

As if erectile dysfunction were not enough, many men simply lose their sex drives as they age. Although they may think about sex with the same frequency, their actual desire diminishes. Testosterone plays an important role in sex drive for a very important reason. After all, if men did not have a sex drive at all, then the human race would come to an abrupt halt due to a sheer lack of reproduction. What’s more, a healthy libido is important to a good marriage or relationship. Fortunately, this is another of the signs of low testosterone that is completely reversible. The right supplement can help you get your libido back on track.

Muscle Weakness

The signs of low testosterone vary from person to person, but athletes are often the first to notice muscle weakness. They can tell you exactly how much they can lift or bench, and if those numbers start to fall despite their dedication to diet and exercise, they know something is very wrong. Proteins in your blood carry testosterone to the muscles, which then use it to repair the tiny tears that occur during workouts. When there is not enough testosterone, the repair process slows down, leading to soreness, fatigue, and weakness. Testosterone supplements can help with this, as well.

The signs of low testosterone are numerous, and the truth is that no one ever wants to experience them. If you exhibit any of these symptoms, it may be worth your while to try a supplement that helps replenish the hormones that your body no longer creates.